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Coty Cosmetics

Nail Mod In-Store Execution

The Challenge:

Walmart’s beauty section is expanding and with limited shelf space it is becoming increasingly important to stand out in the crowd. Coty asked MOjO to reinvent the current declining nail category where shoppers feel overwhelmed and uninspired.  The challenge is targeting the millennial shopper by creating functional & emotional signage that highlights nail trends & seasonal relevant colors while inspiring all shoppers with “got to have”  trending looks that are simple to do.

Nail Mod In-Store Execution

Nail Mod In-Store Execution

What We Delivered: 

MOjO creatively met the goal of targeting the millennial shopper. We created functional and emotional signage that highlighted nail trends and seasonally relevant colors, all while inspiring shoppers with "got to have" looks that are simple to do. Digital and social conversations increased consumer awareness and interaction, keeping it a trending topic throughout the year.