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Mondelez OREO & Milk Messaging

In-Store Pallet Rendering

The Challenge:

OREO cookies are a natural pairing with milk, so Mondelēz leveraged this relationship to drive incremental sales in partnership with Dairy Pure milk. The goal was to strengthen the association of OREO cookies with milk and incentivize purchase. As fans of the cookies, we jumped at the opportunity to inject some MOjO into this delicious partnership.

In-Store Pallet Execution

What We Delivered:

MOjO’s objective was to strengthen the association of OREO with milk and drive incremental usage through merchandising, POS, and incentive offers. We stayed true to the OREO brand and spoke to shoppers with fun and energetic imagery across 2,760 Walmart stores.

Shelf Blades with Coupon Tear Pads: Custom die-cut POS was placed in the cookie aisle as well as the dairy section, strengthening the association OREO has with milk and vice versa. The coupon tear pads incentivized purchase with an offer of $1 off with the purchase of OREO cookies and a gallon of Dairy Pure milk. 

PRD Header and Side Panels: These incremental PRDs were placed within close proximity to the dairy department, further driving the association of OREO with milk. 

IRC: Instant redeemable coupons for $1 off with the purchase of OREO and milk were placed on every product merchandised on the PRD, further incentivizing purchase of OREO Cookies and Dairy Pure milk.

The Execution: