2015 Walmart Shareholders Event

The Challenge: Walmart’s annual Shareholder’s event has become an opportunity for suppliers to directly interact with Walmart associates and shareholders from around the world. With each year becoming bigger, some of MOjO’s clients asked us to make them stand out in the crowd and draw attention and interaction with everyone at this event. Working with Coty Cosmetics, Pepsi-Co, Mondelez, and Ruiz Foods MOjO created 4 unique spaces to draw the over 14,000 in attendance.

COTY COSMETICS     |     MONDELEZ     |     PEPSICO     |     RUIZ


What We Delivered:

Sally Hansen: 4,000 emery boards handed out to associates, and 300 Miracle Manicures were completed

NYC Shareholders: 3,500 samples of mascara were handed out to associates, 150 makeovers were completed

Vera Wang Shareholders: 5,000 associates sampled Vera Wang Embrace Fragrances


What We Delivered:

3,000 samples of New Doritos Roulette were sampled by associates

2,500 samples of new Mt. Dew DewShine were sampled. 

Associates were able to sample 30 snack and 16 beverage products. 


What We Delivered:

9,000 samples were handed out to associates. 

7 different products were prepared and served to associates. 


What We Delivered:

MOjO created an interactive iPad App for the event, featuring product videos, recipes, and a quiz to find your OREO flavor. 

DigiTouch machines were set up to dispense cookies after associates blocked three soccer kicks on the digit touch game.